This website is the the official source of information for fans and admirers of Apostolos Nikolaidis, the Greek singer who first performed and recorded the authentic, “prohibited” rembetika songs in the early 1970s in their original form and captivated audiences all over the world with his powerful voice, commanding stage presence, distinct charisma, and one-of-a-kind personality.

With the release of the classic 1973 album “Otan Kapnizi O Loulas” (which has sold over three million copies — bootlegs notwithstanding — to date since its initial release), Apostolos etched the rembetiko, a type of music previously in decline for almost two decades in Greece, permanently into the Greek national consciousness. He traveled extensively throughout Greece and the world, performing in Cyprus, the United States (where he lived and worked for 26 years), Canada and Germany, releasing numerous albums and developing a loyal following of fans.

This site also aims to introduce fans of modern Greek music to the life and career of Apostolos Nikolaidis. Although Apostolos was primarily regarded as a singer of laika and rembetika songs, he performed many different types of Greek songs throughout his successful career (which spanned almost 40 years), as is evident through his discography.

Regarded by many as having one of the best voices that ever graced the Greek music scene, Apostolos is considered one of the last great authentic singers of the “old school.” He epitomized honesty and integrity on a professional and personal level and was loved and respected by all who knew and worked with him. 

Apostolos Nikolaidis passed on in 1999, but his legacy and contribution to Greek music are enduring and he will live forever in the hearts and minds of those he touched with his generosity, his kindness, his humor, and his beautiful voice.

This site has been recently relaunched and will be updated and enhanced with more music and information. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Last updated November 2014


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“Apostolos Nikolaidis was the man, the artist who gave new life to the rebetiko at a time when it was considered to be in decline and its creators and interpreters were officially hunted down by the state as hashish smokers and people of the underworld. Nikolaidis presented and interpreted these rebetika, pushed-aside songs with such “attitude” they made a huge impression. Soon after, the first “Rebetika [Music] Company” started to slowly incorporate them into their repertoire, followed by many other singers popular today.”

– Panos Geramanis (1945-2005)
Greek laika and rembetika music journalist